#1 Ethiopia Biftu

#1 Ethiopia Biftu

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Here you will find floral, fruity, tea-like coffees. Currently we have a breezy coffee from the Biftu Gudina cooperative in Ethiopia to share with you.

Biftu Gudina Cooperative was established in 2012 with the support of Technoserve NGO, facilitating nearly 600 farmers to organise around 2 washing stations in the area. This particular lot has been carefully selected from a small number of farmers.

In this region coffees are often organic simply by default, farmers use organic compost and do not heavily prune their trees. A single tree will produce approximately 150-200 grams of green fruit. This coffee is hand sorted for ripeness and defects before being depulped, removing skin, pulp, and mucilage. With the removal of the mucilage, this coffee undergoes very little fermentation. It is soaked for a couple of hours before drying for around 10 days on raised beds. The waste water is naturally filtered using Vetiver grass. 

Coffees coming out of this region are flavour intense, with often intriguing tasting notes. Sipping this coffee, we experience refreshing lime and raspberry, and feel a gentle breeze of jasmine.


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Amaro, Jimma
Grown by: Bersema Farmers, Biftu Gudina Cooperative
Variety: Primarily native varietal called 1274 along with forest origin heirloom
Process: Fully Washed
Soil & Climate: Clay Loam, often organic growing conditions
Harvest: 2019
Altitude: around 2000 m.a.s.l.
Importer: Nordic Approach
Packed in: 250g boxes
Roast Level: light to medium (ideal for filter brewing or a vibrant espresso)