#4 Colombia Santa María

#4 Colombia Santa María

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Everyone can find something to like in this complex coffee. It has hint of almond and green apple flavors with a pleasant monthfeel. Perfect for a nice, cozy morning.

This multi-variety blend—hence the name—represents the hard work and dedication of two producers named Judy Mliena Melo Calderon and Fabio Nelson Arroyo Perez from the municipality of Santa María, located on the northeastern border of the department of Huila. This specific lot is part of a larger blend made up of various coffees from the seven municipios of Algeciras, Baraya, Colombia, Iquirá, Neiva, Tello, and of course, Santa Maria. These regions have a different harvest period than the rest of Huila, currently the largest producer of coffee in Colombia by volume.

Cadefihuila is the oldest coffee cooperative in the department and shares in our intention and objective of protecting the entire chain of production. The cooperative members have become a vital part in our selection process for their determination in sourcing highquality coffee from farmers with environmentally-responsible farming practices. This specific lot is made up of two varieties (Castillo and Caturra), and was grown at two farms in the vereda of Canahan. Judy’s finca Las Huacas and Fabio’s finca Los Robles. Both farms sit between 1,600 and 2,000 m.a.s.l. Equal parts Castillo and Caturra, this coffee comes from two producers who grew these exceptional coffees deliver their parchment to Cadefihuila’s Alsama warehouse and offices, located in the departmental capital city of Neiva. They are both committed to the practice of sustainable agriculture. This is reflected in their processing systems and careful stewardship of the surrounding landscape.

Each lot was treated to a double fermentation wet-mill process or beneficio. After the handselected cherries were brought in from the fields, they remained intact for a period of twelve to 24 hours, after which they were de-pulped and further fermented for an additional 24 to 40 hours in tanks. The beans were then washed and put out to dry for a period of 15 days on different kinds of dryers, from patios to raised beds to parabolic dryers. Some of the beans were also dried mechanically.

Country: Colombia
Region: Santa María in Huila
Producer: Judy Mliena Melo Calderon and Fabio Nelson Arroyo Perez
Variety: Red caturra and Castillo
Processing: Washed
Crop year: 2020
Altitude: 1600 - 2000 m.a.s.l.