#5 Rwanda Muhara

#5 Rwanda Muhara

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This coffee has nice, rose-hip-like floral flavors and a bitterness which goes well with all sweets.

The washing station is located in the Gatsibo district in the very north-east of Rwanda, bordering Tanzania.

Coffees from this station are fully washed and dry fermented, then dried on raised beds with drying times of 10-14 days. For de-pulping they are using a Penagos.

The variety used by the farmers surrounding the station is Red Bourbon.

Muhura was established in 2010 by a local investment company, Dallas Investment.


Variety: Bourbon

Process: Fully washed

Crop year: 2018

Origin: Muhara
Region: Gatsibo district

Country: Rwanda

Altitude: 1600 m.a.s.l.